Our team is pleased to present a new and exciting project - the development of a logo and corporate identity for the architectural studio "NGON" in Bucharest, Romania.

We were deeply inspired by the wishes of the customer and his desire to get a strict, stylish and immediately recognizable logo.

In our design, we combine the beauty of geometry and graphic simplicity to create a logo that is easy to remember and reflects the professionalism and elegance of the NGON studio.

The color scheme of the logo is an exquisite combination of black and white. This discreet and effective combination symbolizes stability, austerity and timeless elegance. Due to its versatility, the logo is easily integrated into various media and perfectly conveys the unique character of the studio.

The concept of a logo is not only a great graphic element. We have also developed the "NGON" corporate style, which includes office attributes such as business cards, envelopes and documentation. All these materials are made in accordance with the logo design, which gives them a uniform and elegant look, emphasizing the professional style and image of "NGON".

In addition, pin badges with the company name and logo were developed for the "NGON" studio. These badges will be a great way to recognize and maintain a unified visual identity within the office and at events.

As a result of our work, the NGON studio now has a powerful and memorable logo that fits perfectly into the style and values of the company. Every detail is carefully thought out and designed to reflect the high professionalism and innovation of the studio.

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