Famoos creates unique designs from natural moss. Just as this art stands out on a wall, the Famoos logo is prominent in any medium. Elegant and bold, each letter in the logo appears crisp and clean. The dark blue allows the text to dominate the space while complementing the fresh green hue behind it. Moos, the German word for ‘moss’ in Famoos’ name, is highlighted in a bright green that is reminiscent of nature. This simple dash of color acts as a spotlight for what makes Famoos so special: the moss that forms its products.

The simplicity of the logo design allows it to translate to many surfaces whilst retaining its refreshing quality. The bright green color in the logo is similar to that of the moss used in Famoos’ unique designs, and its asymmetrical form accentuates the clean-cut text in the foreground. The logo is understated yet unmistakably bold-- just like the beauty of moss.

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